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Turn your stacks of home movies and family photos into clear crisp digital images.

MemoryBox includes:

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The digmypics MemoryBox

Simply fill your MemoryBox with Photos and Home Movies and we'll take it from there.

We digitize all photo types: Prints, Slides Negatives




Convert up to 4 tapes, 4 3" film reels or 100 slides, negatives, prints




Convert up to 10 tapes, 10 3" film reels or 250 slides, negatives, prints




Convert up to 20 tapes, 20 3" film reels or 500 slides, negatives, prints




Convert up to 40 tapes, 40 3" film reels or 1000 slides, negatives, prints

Additional Items: add $15 for each additional tape, reel or group of 25 photos
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The Highest Standard in Preservation

Scanning Since 2002

With almost 20 years of experience we have found the best way to scan all your media types and not just the easy ones.

By Hand in the USA

Our preservation artists clean, scan, and color correct all image types by hand at our facility in sunny Arizona.

Real Time Scanning™ Updates

With our exclusive Real Time Scanning™ you can watch your images appear instantly on-line as they are digitized.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Providing excellent customer service is our top priority. We'll make you smile all over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

Choose Your MemoryBox

Box Size:

Small - Digitize up to 4 items

Medium - Digitize up to 10 items

Large - Digitize up to 20 items

Xtra Large - Digitize up to 40 items

1 item = 1 tape, 1 fifty-foot reel, 1 set of 25 pictures

What if I end up having more items than anticipated?
  • Simply add them to MemoryBox.
  • All items included will be digitized.
  • All additional items will be charged at $15 per item.

Choose Your Media

Media Options:

Unlimited Downloads for 1 Year

Flash Drive

Disc Sets

Pack Your MemoryBox

  1. Use Included Packing Materials:
    • Waterproof Bag
    • Packing Bubbles
    • Packing Tape
  2. Attach Prepaid Shipping Label
    • You Pay Shipping Once
    • We Ship Three Times
  3. Ship Your MemoryBox
    • Drop off your box at any FEDEX location
    • CLICK HERE to find a location near you

We Digitize Your Memories

  • Scanned By Hand
    • Lightly cleaned to remove smudges and dust.
    • Digitized one by one by our Preservation Artists
  • Color Correction
    • Included Free
    • Discoloration reversal
  • Real Time Scanning™
    • Watch your memories appear instantly as they are scanned at our facility.
  • Digital Organization
    • Your memories are kept and scanned in the order they are received.

We Send It All Back

  • We deliver your newly digitized memories
    • As well as all your originals.
  • Yup, it's that easy!

We Digitize Everything

No need to sort through your collection, simply fill the box and we'll take it from there.



  • Loose Prints Up to 8 X 10
  • Non Standard Prints* (Cards, children's artwork, documents, IDs, clippings, etc.)
  • Negatives

  • 35mm Negatives
  • APS Film
  • 126 Negatives*
  • 110 Negatives*
  • Slides

  • 35mm Slides
  • 126 Slides
  • 110 Slides
  • 127 Slides*
  • 110 Pocket Slides*
  • Video Tapes




    Video 8

    Digital 8



    Movie Film

    8mm Film

    Super 8 Film

    16mm Film

    Super 8 Sound Film**

    16mm Sound Film**

    *Premium Item (counts as 2 photos towards a set of 25)
    *Film Reels are measured in 50 foot increments
    **Film Reels with sound count as 2 items as video and sound get captured separately

    Estimated Turn Times



    Business Days


    7 - 10

    Business Days


    11 - 15

    Business Days

    Xtra Large

    16 - 20

    Business Days

    A digital library of your Family Photos & Home Movies.

    Sets of DVD's

    Flash Drive or Hard Drive

    Digital Download

    Choose one or choose all three