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The digmypics MemoryBox

Simply fill your MemoryBox with Photos and Home Movies and we'll take it from there.




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4 Items

Convert up to 4 tapes, 4 3" film reels or 100 slides, negatives, prints




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10 Items

Convert up to 10 tapes, 10 3" film reels or 250 slides, negatives, prints




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20 Items

Convert up to 20 tapes, 20 3" film reels or 500 slides, negatives, prints




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40 Items

Convert up to 40 tapes, 40 3" film reels or 1000 slides, negatives, prints

Additional Items: add $15 for each additional tape, reel or group of 25 photos

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Choose Your MemoryBox

Determing how many items you have. 1 item equals 1 tape, 1 50-FT film reel or 1 set of 25 images

2. We Send Your MemoryBox

Includes: Crush Proof Box, Instruction Booklet, Prepaid Shipping label, Packing Bubbles, Waterproof Bag, Packing Tape

3. Fill Your MemoryBox & Return

We keep your photos in order. Have more items? Add more items for $15 dollars each

4. We Digitize Your Memories

We Digitize with Preservation in Mind

  • We lightly dust your photos and home movies
  • We transfer to digital while keeping your photos in order
  • We give them a further digital cleaning removing any remaining dust
  • We color correct your photos and movie film.

5. We Return your newly Digitized Memories Along With The Originals

Digitize Your Entire Collection

Convert your old family photos and home movies into an easy to store and easy to share digital format.



  • Loose Prints Up to 8 X 10
  • Non Standard Prints1
  • (Cards, children's artwork, documents, IDs, clippings, etc.)

Negative Strips

  • 35mm Negative Strips
  • APS Film
  • 126 Negative Strips1
  • 110 Negative Strips1


  • 35mm Slides
  • 126 Slides
  • 110 Slides
  • 127 Slides1
  • 110 Pocket Slides1
  • Glass Mounted Slides3

Video Tapes




Video 8

Digital 8



DVD Upload of Photos or Videos2

Movie Film

8mm Film

Super 8 Film

16mm Film

Sound included for 16mm Optical and Super8 film with sound.

Audio Tape

Cassette Tapes4

Reel to Reel Audio Tape5

NOTES: Some rarer Items require an up-charge due to the extra labor involved
Photographic Film that measures greater than 1.5" x 1.5" (ie. Medium Format, 220, or Large Format Film) is not included in MemoryBox pricing but can be added to the order for $1.99 per scan.
Movie Film Reels (8mm and 16mm) are measured in 50 foot increments

1Premium Item (counts as 2 photos towards a set of 25)
2DVD Upload -- We can extract the video or photo data from a DVD and place them on a Flash Drive as long as the disc itself is undamaged, finalized, and has no copyright or other digital locks on it.
3Glass Mounted Slides need to be remounted into cardboard mounts. This adds $1.99 per slide.
4Audio tapes can only be delivered on USB Drives or as a Download. Not available as a DVD.
5Audio reels up to 7 inches in diameter.

Estimated Turn Times



Business Days



Business Days



Business Days

Xtra Large


Business Days

These are estimated turn times only and not a commitment or promise to deliver within these time frames

A digital library of your Family Photos & Home Movies.

Sets of DVD's

Flash Drive or Hard Drive

Digital Download

Choose one or choose all three