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digmypics video tape tagging

Using our custom built Artificial Intelligence algorithm we tag and label a frame every 5 minutes throughout your video tapes. Those tags enable you to seach across your tapes for things like dog, tree, baby, and even abstract things like christmas.

Search your video tapes using text

digmypics video tape searching

Search across all your tapes to find scenes. Click on the thumbnail to go right to that scene on the tape.

See at a glance what's on a tape

digmypics video tape tagging

Quick index to clips within each tape.

The digmypics MemoryBox

Simply fill your MemoryBox with Photos and Home Movies and we'll take it from there.




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Convert up to 4 tapes, 4 3" film reels or 100 slides, negatives, prints




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Convert up to 10 tapes, 10 3" film reels or 250 slides, negatives, prints




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Convert up to 20 tapes, 20 3" film reels or 500 slides, negatives, prints




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Convert up to 40 tapes, 40 3" film reels or 1000 slides, negatives, prints

Additional Items: add $15 for each additional tape, reel or group of 25 photos